I am a musician who loves sharing my passion with audiences all around the world. Creating connections with musicians, audiences and places is a true joy and I always love coming back to a country, special places and be back to making music with orchestras, keeping the connections alive! As a conductor, I am spending a lot of time on my own studying scores, getting fully ready and always looking forward to be sharing my musicial ideas with the orchestral musicians. But as a conductor, without players, you are almost nothing! I therefore created my orchestra, Arch Sinfonia in 2012, in London. After studying conducting in many masterclasses with trully great conductors and graduated from one of the most prestigious music college in the world, I have had many engagements in the UK, France, Italy and soon to Spain, Turkey, Canada, Germany. I was also selected in three international conducting competitions that opened many doors to my career. 

If you wish to read more about myself, watch videos and read articles about my career, you can do so on my artist agency's page and website here.